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The menu of Hotel Schwarzer Bär

Home-style Thuringian delicacies and international specialities

  • Stuffed pastry
    with mozzarella and olives,
    sauté of artichokes, prawns
    and scallop (2, a, b, c, g)
    9,80 €
    Carpaccio of filet of veal
    with lime oil, rocket,
    planed Grana Padano and baguette (10, a, g)
    9,50 €
    Seasonal salad plate
    with croûtons and planed Grana Padano (a, g)
    5,50 €
  • Soup of pumpkin, carrots and ginger
    with pumpkin seeds
    and Styrian oil (8, h)
    5,20 €
    Essence of veal
    with bone marrow dumplings
    and root vegetables (i)
    5,80 €
    Cream soup
    with mushrooms
    and sweet chestnuts (10, g)
    5,20 €
  • Roasted trout from “Wichmarer Quellen”
    with boiled potatoes and lettuce (a)
    14,80 €
    Trilogy of filet of salmon, zander and wels catfish
    on ragout of two different carrots and leaf spinach
    with gnocchi of rocket (10, c, d, g)
    17,90 €
    Filet of wels catfish from “Schkölener Zucht”
    with chive sauce
    served with rösti of pumpkin and potatoes (10, a, c, d, j)
    15,20 €
    Filets of matie
    with remoulade with vegetables
    and fried potatoes (10, d, j)
    11,70 €
  • Ragout of wild mushrooms
    different fresh mushrooms
    with home-made bread dumplings (10, a, c, g)
    11,70 €
    Delizie mozzarella
    pastry with mozzarella and olives
    on ragout of tomatoes and rocket (10, c, g)
    10,80 €
  • Breast of goose
    with panned Brussels sprouts,
    and Thuringian dumplings (a, i)
    18,90 €
    Roasted half of duck
    with sauce of sage brush,
    red cabbage with apples and Thuringian dumplings (a, i)
    17,80 €
    Stewed haunch of venison
    with mushrooms, pear of cranberries
    and red cabbage with apples
    served with Thuringian dumplings (2, 4, a, g)
    17,00 €
    Thuringian roll of beef
    with sour cream sauce,
    red cabbage with apples and Thuringian dumplings (2, 4, a, g, j, l)
    15,60 €
    Prime boiled veal
    in sauce of horse-radish, root vegetables
    and bread dumplings (a, c, g)
    17,20 €
    Roasted veal liver
    in confit of apples and onions,
    with Calvados and mashed potatoes (10)
    16,50 €
    Thuringian Rostbrätchen
    with onions roasted in beer, pickled vegetables
    and roasted potatoes (1, 2, a, j)
    12,50 €
    Home-made knuckle of pork in aspic
    with remoulade with vegetables, leaf salads
    and roasted potatoes (1, 2, a, g, j)
    12,80 €
  • Strips of
    ostrich, beef and turkey
    with creamed mushrooms and fettuccine (a, c, g)
    15,00 €
    Two fried escalopes of veal
    with French fries and salad plate (a, c, j)
    18,50 €
    Medium roasted steak of sirloin
    gratinated with Gorgonzola
    on beans with bacon and tomatoes
    served with potato wedges
    24,80 €
    Two medallions of venison
    on mushrooms
    and crullers of potato and leek (10, c)
    26,60 €
    Medium roasted steak of ostrich
    with fresh fruits, leaf salads
    and roasted nuts (h)
    14,80 €
  • Kaiserschmarrn
    with stewed plums
    and foam of vanilla and marzipan (10, a, c, g, h)
    8,70 €
    Hot raspberries
    with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (3, 5, a, g)
    6,50 €
    Crème brûlée
    with spiced cherries (contains alcohol;10,c,g,l)
    7,60 €
    Variation of
    small parfait of nougat
    and white ice cream of tonka beans
    with candied blood oranges (10, c, g, h)
    7,80 €
  • Additives

    • 1. Phosphate
    • 2. Preservatives
    • 3. Flavor enhancer
    • 4. Antioxidant
    • 5. Dyes


    • a) Gluten-containing cereal
    • b) Crustaceans
    • c) Eggs
    • e) Peanuts
    • f) Soy
    • g) Milk

    • h) Nuts
    • i) Celery
    • j) Mustard
    • k) Sesame
    • l) Sulfur dioxide and sulfites
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